How To Make Eyes More Attractive?

Published: 12th March 2008
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The most expressive features of your face are eyes! So make them more beautiful and sparkling to get all that special attention you are desperate of. Our vision is one of those wonderful gifts most of us take for granted. The only time we even have cause to think about our vision as such is when we think about a blind person who has no vision at all, or our own vision begins to fail us. Being aware of the importance of protecting your vision can help you to avoid problems with it in the future.

Eye Care Tips

1. To completely relax the eyes and the surrounding muscles, close your eyes and think of something that is pleasant or soothing and at a distance. Now gently open your eyes and look into the distance. Next focus on an object at arm's length. Do this extremely relaxing exercise four or five times a day.

2. If your eye twitches, or your eyes are red and feeling itchy, massage your scalp with curd.

3. Soak 1 tsp. dry amla in one cup of water overnight. Next morning strain it through a muslin cloth and then add one extra cup of water. Splash your eyes with this solution each morning. This makes your eyes sparkle.

4. All of us have tendancy of forming dark circles just under our eyes. You can fix these dark circles by putting just two slices of potato over your eyes for 20 minutes. Trust me, you will be glad with the results once you take off the potatoes.

5. Another technique to get rid of dark circles is by applying warm tea bags over your eyes for 15 minutes. This method works too.

6. Remember to curl your eyes lashes before applying mascara. This frames the eyes making them looker larger and lighter.

7. Use mascara on your bottom lashes as well as your top.

8. Don't forget about your eyebrows. Beautifully shaped, full brows with a high arc can do wonders for the eyes. A trip to a beauty salon is well worth the time and money.

9. Lay a good base. A layer of foundation on your eyelids will help smooth out imperfections and help your eye shadow and liner look their best.

10. Choose a color theme. This doesn't meant that you have to use a monochrome scheme for your eye makeup, but it does mean that it's a good idea to keep an idea of color harmony in mind as you apply your makeup. The colors that will work best for you depend on your skin tone.

11. Soften over-prominent eyes. Just because the eyes are the first thing we pay attention to doesn't meant that they must be the focus of every look. If you feel that your eyes are too prominent, apply medium shadow and don't use highlights. This will make them appear deeper-set.

12. Smoky eyes is a glamourous makeup, which has been one of the most fashionable makeups for a few seasons. It creates a refined and mysterious image. Wondering how to get it by yourself? The key to the perfect smoky eyes is to blend colors properly. Avoid blue hues, choose black, gray, brown or dark green shadows and liners instead.

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