Tanning Lotion - Choosing the Best Tanning Lotion for Your Skin

Published: 26th February 2008
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Suntan Hut offers all of the famous brands of sun tan lotion and indoor tanning lotion products at a deep discount. Some of our most popular tanning lotions include the best lotion brands such as: Super, Body Drench.

Healthy skin is the foundation of a successful tan, and a indoor tanning lotion allows you go get that tan without the harmful drying effects of the sun. Skin that is not dry or flaky will hold a tan longer. Use tanning products such as sunless tanning lotions, self tanning creams and lotions, or tanning sprays for that "Instant Cruise tan!"

Some tanning bed lotions are considered tan accelerators or tan maximizes, and contain ingredients that enhance the effects of tyrosine. Still others are considered moisturizers that help your skin recover following tanning sessions. Whichever product you choose, you will be sure to find a great selection of cheap tanning lotions available. Your tanning salon will be able to provide you a wide range of choices or you can visit any number of online stores. If you have purchased a home tanning bed, you will likely be able to purchase cheap tanning lotions directly from your tanning bed manufacturer. These manufactures typically receive a great deal from tanning lotion makers, and will often pass these savings on to you as an incentive to purchase their tanning bed!

Most Popular Tanning Lotions

Supre Cafe Bronzer: This dark tanning maximizer is from Supre, a two-in-one formula combining dark tan maximizers with self-tanning bronzers. Café Bronzer is formulated from a special blend of coffee bean extracts, Vitamin E and C, with

Jan Tana Maximum Tan Accelerator Lotion: In order to a quick, deep dark tan, this Tan Accelerator combines three accelerators to create triple action tanning. It also contains moisturizers, vitamins and collagen to nourish the skin and help prevent premature aging. Originally formulated for indoor use but can be used outdoor with a base tan.

Forman Tanning Lotion: A product from John Abate, this tingling maximizer is created and scented exclusively for men, and users with established base tans. The light tingling and/or subtle sensation or flush, that may be experienced while using the product, indicates an improvement in skin microcirculation and cell oxygenation-essentials to achieving a great tan.

Black Onyx: Manufactured by Power Tan, the Black Onyx is formulated from a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, ivy and licorice extracts for a reddening effect that helps speed delivery of nutrients to the skin. The oil-free formula also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Pycnogenol, and Aloe Vera to combat aging. Other ingredients include Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Menthol help cool your body and neutralize body odor.

Lavera Self Tanning Lotion: Formulated from certified organic extracts and essential oils such as organic Jojoba oil, Aloe vera, Rose and Lavender waters, and anti-aging Green tea extract, this tanning lotion contains ingredients such as DHA and Erythrulose, and no harmful artificial ingredients or chemicals.

Pro Tan Sunny Day Self Tanner: This product incorporates ingredients such as aloe vera colloidal gel, soy oil, vitamin A, Vitamin E, cola acuminata and green tea infusion, red trefoil and green tea infusion etc, and is planned to even out, deepen and draw out existing tan.

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