Tips to Keep Hands Beautiful

Published: 25th February 2008
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A beautiful face gives pleasure to the eyes, but beautiful hands give pleasure of touch as also of sight. There are three things to keep hands beautiful: Soft skin, shapely fingers and beautiful nails.

Fragile, pale, dry nails are a result of lack of minerals and vitamins in your body. The most important thing is to eat well. Iron, calcium and Vitamin A deficiency would make your nails weak. Make sure your diet gives you all of these.

Dip your hands in a tub of lukewarm water. Add some mild cleaning agent, like face wash and gently massage your hands. Do not keep your hands in water beyond 5-7 mins. Make sure you have removed previously applied nail polish.

To keep your skin looking young massage hands and fingers with almond oil at night before going to bed. During winter season use heavy cream at night and wear cotton gloves. Hand lotion should be your best friend. Keep a tube in your desk and in your car.

Pamper yourself with some moisturizing hand soap in the kitchen. Do NOT use the dishwashing soap for washing your hands. No matter what the manufacturers say, dishwashing soaps are made to remove grease. Can you imagine what they will do to the natural oils in your skin?

For dry hands after washing your hands with soap, wet them again. Pour salt on your hands and then scrub them under water. Dry hands and apply moisturizer on them.

Keep your nails tidy while doing household chores. Did you know that nails swell when they get wet and then shrink as they dry? Swelling and shrinking too frequently exhausts their strength. To prevent this, wear cotton- lined rubber gloves while washing dishes or when using liquid cleaning products. They also protect nails from scraping and bending when you use abrasive scrubbing pads and cleaning brushes.

To treat a nail fungus, add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract to drinking water, or rub tea oil on your tips to keep it from spreading. Find these products at your local health food store or online.

Protect your hands from dust, pollution and chemical reactions at all times by wearing gloves while doing gardening or washing dishes.

Prefer washing the hands with mild soaps or hand wash. After washing, pat dry the hands and apply a nice moisturizer to them. One should use a moisturizer that contains lactic acid's urea, which is an essential hand care chemical that helps in binding water efficiently to the skin.

For some wedding day sparkle or a fun hen night is to go for colored glitter enhancements. These really add some sparkle to your hands and look lovely with a nice diamond ring! Here you will see some pictures of the nail art and enhancements created by Lucy at Harmony in Beauty with some simple steps for nail professionals to help you achieve a similar effect.

Exfoliate the hands at least once a week with a nice face exfoliates. One can also use weekly the night face cream on the hands before going to bed. One should use proper hand care lotion to prevent the hands from harmful sunlight and dry weather.

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